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Lake District Adventures: Best Outdoor Adventures for All Ages

Lake District Family Activities: Best Outdoor Adventures

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A stunning shot of the Lake District at Keswick

It’s time to forget the usual holiday routine! 

The Lake District is calling your family to an adventure you won’t find anywhere else, and now is your time to answer. Whether you’re bored of lounging on the beach, going through the same motions year in year out, or just looking for a break where you do something different with your family, the Lake District provides.

And we know this all too well as here at Lake District Activities, we’re going above and beyond when it comes to your next adventures.

Think scrambling over rocks, splashing through waterfalls, exploring the best of UK nature, all backdropped by views that’ll take your breath away.  

Whether you’ve got little explorers or full-grown thrill-seekers, this place has something to get everyone’s hearts pumping. Get ready for a holiday packed with laughter, challenges, and those “remember that time…” stories you’ll be telling for years!

Here are the best Lake District outdoor activities we offer that you need to know about.

Best Activities for All Ages in the Lake District

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Ghyll scrambling in Stoneycroft Ghyll

Ghyll Scrambling

Ages: 8+

Get ready for the ultimate family adventure – ghyll scrambling! (Don’t worry, it’s way more fun than it sounds). 

Ghyll scrambling (also known as “gorge scrambling”) essentially involves climbing up waterfalls, leaping into plunge pools, and scrambling over rocks like real explorers. It’s wet, it’s wild, and it’s guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

The Lake District is famous for its ghylls, those hidden, mossy gorges tucked away in the mountains, and our experts will show you exactly how to explore them in the best, most adventurous manner.

Picture crystal-clear water, ancient rock faces, and maybe even a natural waterslide or two! Perfect for unleashing your inner adventurer, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a chance to splash around? Great memories to be made here.

The best places to get adventurous include:

You can find out more about this adventure here.


Ages: 8+

Who doesn’t love the idea of abseiling?

Forget climbing up—this is all about the thrill of the journey down. Picture the world laid out at your feet, the wind whistling past, and that heart-pounding moment before you lean back and trust the ropes.

There’s something seriously epic about dangling high above a plunging waterfall or a rocky crag, gently lowering yourself with every step. 

It’s a test of bravery, and oh boy, the feeling when you touch back down – that’s pure accomplishment.

And don’t worry, this adventure activity is way more accessible than you may think. Our excursions are run by experienced instructors who’ll show you the ropes (literally), so even if you’re new to this, you’ll be in good hands.

We recommend the abseiling course over at Coniston. Best for families or larger groups, although individuals can come and enjoy the ride, too!

GOPR0811 608x608 Lake District Adventures: Best Outdoor Adventures for All Ages

Rock climbing in sunny Langdale

Rock Climbing

Ages: 8+

Okay, maybe you want to make your way up instead of down, so rock climbing is the way to go.

Think your family has what it takes to scale those iconic Lake District peaks? Well, our exciting rock climbing sessions let you put that to the test! 

And rock climbing in the Lake District is the real deal. We’re talking chalked-up hands, finding those hidden footholds, and the view getting bigger and more spectacular with every upward pull. 

It’s tough but oh-so-satisfying. A surreal mix of problem-solving and fitness.

And again, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro right away. 

There are loads of spots where our instructors will show you the ropes, help you learn to trust the gear and cheer you on every step of the way. It’s the perfect mix of challenge, teamwork, and that “I did it!” feeling you won’t get anywhere else.

Great Langdale is our recommended go-to for amazing views and just an overall brilliant day out with the family. You can check it out here.

20180804 P8040119 608x608 Lake District Adventures: Best Outdoor Adventures for All Ages

Rock scrambling in Coniston

Rock Scrambling

Ages: 12+

If rock climbing and gorge scrambling had a baby, then yeah, rock scrambling. It’s in the name.

If you’re ready to ditch the regular trails and get your hands dirty, then rock scrambling is calling your name! 

Oh, you still get the ropes holding you to the rock, but it’s less flat surface and more clambering up rocky ridges using your hands to find hidden grips and your feet to balance on those tiny nooks. 

It’s like hiking but with an extra dose of adventure.

Again, this outdoor activity is fine for beginners since we have a ton of awesome guides and instructors on hand to help. 

They’ll find you the perfect scrambles to build your skills and get those hearts pumping. Picture the sense of achievement when you reach the top – that view is your reward!  

The site near Coniston has some great adventures lined up, which you can check out here.

20170807 P8070032 608x608 Lake District Adventures: Best Outdoor Adventures for All Ages

60m above the valley during the Lakeland Legend Challenge

Alt: 60m above the valley during the Lakeland Legend Challenge

Lakeland Legend Challenge 

Ages: 16+

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a Lake District legend? Then, it’s time for the ultimate challenge! 

The Lakeland Legend is all about teamwork, pushing yourself further than you thought possible, and tackling some of the most epic terrain around.

It’s essentially three extreme activities in one, which includes:

  • 50m Vertical Abseil
  • 60m Traverse Line (also 60m above the ground)
  • 200m Vertical Grade 2 Rock Scrambling

If you’re looking for the best night sleep you’ve had in a long time, led by some of the best adventures the Lake District offers, this is it.

This isn’t just a hike; it’s a test of body and mind and a chance to bond with your team like never before. You’ll be tired, you’ll be muddy, but oh man, the stories you’ll take home? 


If you’re the kind of teen or adult who thrives on adventure, if pushing your limits sounds fun, then this is for you. 

Forget the usual holiday – this is an experience that’ll change you.

Check it out here!


As you can see, the Lake District is your adventure playground, and our team here at Lake District Activities has got you covered.

Whether you want thrills, peace, or a whole lot of both, you’ll find it here. And you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. We’re here to help.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Leap into your next adventure. 

Start planning your Lake District journey with Lake District Activities today, start exploring, and start making those memories! 


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Why Choose Outdoor Activities for Team Building

The day to day stress of work life can get on top of even the most balanced person and taking time out to re-energise and recalibrate is essential for wellbeing. However, not everyone is disciplined at enforcing balance in their lives and as an employer today, it’s becoming ever more crucial to have a responsible approach towards employee health.  

Implementing a well-being programme as part of an employee benefit is becoming a common way to improve balance within the workforce. As part of that, corporate activity days can be a great way to promote team-building, as well as improving individual and collective well-being. Outdoor activities in the Lake District may be the perfect option here – whether it’s hiking, canyoning, abseiling, or participating in any other outdoor adventure, there are numerous benefits of taking your team outside. 

Let’s have a look at how team building days could benefit your organisation.

Enhances Communication

Outdoor activities provide a platform for team members to interact in a different environment than the usual workplace. This change of scenery can create a more relaxed atmosphere, making it easier for individuals to communicate and connect with each other. 

Activities such as hiking encourage team members to work together and communicate effectively to achieve a united goal. This has lasting effects and can reach way beyond the time spent on the team building day itself.

Promotes Collaboration

Requiring individuals to work together and rely on each other to complete tasks, the participation in outdoor activities fosters collaboration, which is essential for the success of any team. By working together to overcome challenges, team members learn to trust each other and develop a sense of camaraderie.

Boosts Creativity

Outdoor activities can help to stimulate creativity and promote innovation. Exposure to the natural environment can help to clear the mind and encourage new ideas. This can be especially beneficial for teams that work in creative fields, such as design or advertising.

Builds Trust and Confidence

Trust is a critical element of any successful team. Outdoor activities, such as abseiling or team-building challenges like gorge scrambling, can help to build trust among team members. By relying on each other to complete tasks and overcome challenges, team members learn to trust each other’s abilities and judgement. 

Being part of a team in these settings can also sometimes give people more freedom to show vulnerability which they may not feel able to do in their normal working environment. In doing this, it provides a space in which colleagues can encourage and support each other, building confidence and new emotional skills.

Increases Productivity

Taking time away from the office and engaging in outdoor activities can help to increase productivity. Studies have shown that exposure to nature can help to reduce stress levels, which can, in turn, increase productivity. In addition, organisations which are based within cities can provide an opportunity for their employees to spend time in nature. This could be particularly important for people who don’t have easy access to transportation or have the confidence to venture out alone.

Improves Overall Well-being

Outdoor activities in the Lake District can offer numerous physical and mental health benefits. Engaging in activities such as hiking or rock climbing can help to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress levels, and boost overall well-being. This can lead to improved performance and job satisfaction among team members. 

On top of that, giving people the opportunity to try out brand new activities can open the door to new hobbies which can lead to even longer term health benefits. Being a genuinely responsible employer, this should really be the underpinning of an employee well-being programme.

Lake District Activities – Working as a Team to Improve Teamwork

We’ve spent years in the outdoors, and it’s become our happy place – our zen. Through experience, we’ve learned that outdoor activities can be a powerful tool for team building.

By providing a unique environment that encourages communication, collaboration, creativity, and trust-building, outdoor activities in the Lake District can help teams work more effectively and efficiently. We understand the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor activities and team-building days, which can lead to improved overall well-being, increased productivity, and job satisfaction.

Next time you’re looking to boost your team’s performance, consider taking them outside for some fun and challenging activities. Contact us today to find out what we offer!

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The best Lake District activities for Stag and Hen parties?

If you’re here, it means you’re hunting for ideas to entertain the troops whilst on your Stag or Hen Do in the beautiful Lake District. Let’s face it, it’s not hard to justify selecting the area for such a momentous event with its outstanding natural beauty, honeypot towns and abundance of excellent eateries and pubs. However, making a Stag Do or Hen Do truly memorable involves the kind of sharing and japery that only certain types of group activities can instil. So we’re here to help you set your celebration off with a bang (or splash!) and get something special planned that will be talked about for years to come.

In this article, we’ll share our advice on what makes a great day out with us and therefore what the best Lake District activities are for Stag and Hen parties!

Want to know how great our activities are? Check out our Trip Advisor reviews before you book.

Decide if you want to do wet or dry activities

Working out whether you want to get wet (intentionally!) is the first thing that you need to figure out as this will influence which Lake District activities for Stag or Hen parties work best for you. Wet activities are gorge scrambling and canyoning (find out the difference here) – dry activities are abseiling, rock climbing, rock scrambling and the Lakeland Legend Challenge.

Stag activities & Hen activities for mixed abilities

Hopefully, if you’re planning Lake District activities for your stag weekend then you will have taken the physical fitness of your group into consideration. There’s no need for anyone to be left out though. Even if your group has mixed abilities, then you can tailor your experience so that everyone has a great day.

Outdoor activities needn’t always be the adrenaline pumping, nerve shredding experiences that are frequently the fodder for social media posts (but they can be!). An activity such as gorge scrambling can be a breath-taking, challenging adventure that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or ability.

A head for heights

Perhaps you’re all up for some spine tingling exhilaration? How about climbing to the top of a rock face, using your strength and determination (plus the help of some ropes and very experienced instructors).

The sense of achievement that you will share as a group, completing an activity such as this, will be the highlight of your weekend. For those who feel fearful of heights, it might be the exact thing to help overcome those nerves. When we say fearful, are they really scared? There’s a difference between a slight increased heart rate and sheer fear!

If you’re really worried about heights then here’s a list of activities vs heights:

Be assured that our highly qualified and friendly team will be on hand to look after you all the way.

Taking the plunge

If your group consists of water loving adrenaline junkies, then canyoning will be right up your street. A tougher, more pumped up version of gorge scrambling; canyoning involves going in the opposite direction and working your way down a gorge from the steepest part. This entails abseiling down active waterfalls and jumping and sliding into deep pools along the way.

Not for the feint hearted but loads of fun, a day of canyoning will set you up for a buzzing weekend and your group will definitely be ready to let their hair down and celebrate with a pint or two by the evening!

Are you a group of legends?

For stag parties & hen parties who all share a mutual love of outdoor activities, a day of full-on extreme challenges to get your blood pumping may just tick the box. Grouping a selection of lake district activities together into one full day, including some added extreme zip line/tyrolean traverse fun will make you feel like heroes and keep your hearts racing well into your evening activities.

Stag Do’s in the Lake District – Hen Do’s in the Lake District

The Lake District is famous for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities and our activities are really popular. Get that memorable experience locked down now by booking well in advance to ensure you get the date that you need.

After you’ve shared the buzz of the outdoors, you can seek out the Lake District’s traditional pubs, breweries and distilleries or explore the rich history and cultural heritage in the area by visiting one of many historic sites and museums.

If you’re looking for adventure and relaxation, this stunning region of England has something for everyone.

How To Book

On each page there is a blue Book Now button which will allow you to book online. You need to pay a 30% deposit if your event is more than 6 weeks away, with the remainder being due 6 weeks before the event date. We can’t reserve dates without payment, sorry. Payment can be made by credit or debit card or by BACS. For groups of more than 10 contact us first and we’ll make the space available for you to book as these group sizes need a slight tweak to our booking system. We offer discounts for groups bigger than 20 in size.

Other questions

Check out the FAQs on each activity page and also the generic FAQs here. Anything else? Drop us a message or use the chat function on our site!

We look forward to celebrating with you this season!

20150620 P6200468 608x456 The best Lake District activities for Stag and Hen parties?

Stag fun in Stoneycroft Ghyll

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What is the difference between gorge scrambling and canyoning?


This has to be the most frequently asked question we get, so let’s answer it right here and right now!

Gorge scrambling

Gorge scrambling, or ghyll scrambling, or occasionally ‘gorge walking’ usually involves ascending a mountain river (a ghyll). Sometimes you descend, but it’s less common. Gorge scrambling will see you climbing small waterfalls, scrambling up others, swimming through pools, playing silly games and taking on lots of water based challenges. There will probably be some jumps on your gorge scrambling trip, but they’ll not be big and scary – just good fun and very wet!

Gorge scrambling works well for families just as it does for groups of adults. It’s best for those who want a taster of ‘gorge based’ activities, knowing that all the obstacles can be missed out if you don’t fancy them.

Examples of amazing gorge scrambling in the Lake District venues are:

Stickle Ghyll, Langdale – great for ages 8+. An awesome intro to the activity.

Stoneycroft Ghyll, Keswick – ages 8+ again and one of the rare gorge scrambles that are done in descent.

Church Beck, Coniston – ages 12+. The best in the Lakes and justifiably popular, mainly for the epic water slide that provides the grand finale of the trip!

So what about canyoning?

Canyoning is like gorge scrambling, but on steroids. It’s for adults only due to the more serious nature of the activity. Usually canyoning is done in descent and will use various rope techniques (such as abseiling) to descend big flowing waterfalls. The jumps on a canyoning trip will be bigger so will require commitment, a ‘can do’ attitude and some courage!

Canyoning is great for that group that want to experience water + adrenaline! A heady mix!

Awesome venues for canyoning in the Lake District are:

Church Beck, Coniston – the upper section of the same venue used for gorge scrambling. Abseils, jumps and slides await.

Esk Gorge, Eskdale – a remote setting and jumps that even our instructors have to push themselves to do!

Extreme Canyoning – a full day in a big inescapable canyon. Big abseils, big waterfalls and big slides. We’re not telling you where it is – it’s a secret! (but a clue is about 15 mins from Keswick and about the same from Grasmere).

So what are you waiting for? Get your adventure booked now!

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What is Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Scrambling?

It is a known fact that it rains a lot in the Lake District and as a result the area isome to some of the most impressive and picturesque lakes in Britain. These lakes are formed by water running  down from the fells, creating mountain rivers that locally are called ‘ghylls’.Often these ghylls carve deeper features in the hillside – ‘gorges’.

So, what is ghyll scrambling? 

Let’s take a look:

What’s involved?

Ghyll Scrambling is scrambling and climbing up a mountain river (ghyll), often in a gorge. It’s bridging the gap between walking and climbing, but in the water. You’ll have your hands on the rock as you climb waterfalls, swim through pools, take on lots of daft wet challenges and jump into plunge pools. Don’t let the cold and wet put you off – with Lakeland Ascents you’ll be kitted out in warm wetsuits so you won’t feel the cold for long

What’s required?

In addition to your wetsuit, we kit you out in all the necessary safety equipment, such as a harness, helmet and a buoyancy aid to keep you afloat – you don’t even need to be able to swim!All the obstacles and challenges can be skipped, so don’t worry if you’re worried about jumps, pools or heights – if you don’t like it, walk around it. Our team of instructors will be there with you every step of the way. 

Where can you scramble?

Lake District Activities run 3 ghyll/gorge scrambling trips. They’re all very different but you can be guaranteed climbs up waterfalls, slides, crazy obstacles, fun games and plunge pools. 

Each location has its own unique adventure, from the classic all-rounder at Langdale; an epic slide finale at Coniston; and chutes galore at Keswick. You also have the option to take on the ultimate Triple-Gorge Challenge; where you can do all 3 trips in the space of one day!

Who can do it?

Ghyll Scrambling adventures take place over half a day, making them a popular choice for family bonding, team building corporate days, hen and stag do’s, or just groups of mates looking for a laugh.. We have trips for kids as young as 8.

The maximum instructor:client ratio is 1:10, so if you have a larger group, you will have more instructors. Your safety is always our number 1 priority.

Think this isn’t challenging enough for you, but still want to get wet? Well for older kids and adult groups, check out canyoning too – gorge scrambling on steroids.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your ghyll scrambling in the lake district today! Make a booking or to find out more. You can also contact us by telephone on 07702 942980.

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Based on 163 reviews
It was very windy today. The team were great and had a plan B arranged for us which was brilliant (and safer!).
Had a great experience Ghyll scrambling. Despite there being a rather large number of us (22 on a stag do) the guides were great throughout and clear experienced. Really enjoyed the experience and would book again.
Holly Maughan
Holly Maughan
Really enjoyed the day, slight disruption with the weather but they gyll scrambling was excellent, guides were very helpful and kept everything entertaining
Scott Maughan
Scott Maughan
Fantastic experience. Would wholeheartedly recommend. George is very encouraging and patient, a superb guide and teacher.
Cpt Randlelwa
Cpt Randlelwa
What a brilliant experience !! We Loved every minute of it and can't recommend it enough. Thank you for the organisation and instruction throughout. Still buzzing :-)
Nick Duffield
Nick Duffield
Had an excellent time canyoning with Si! Booked by my partner who is much more adventurous than me but we both had an amazing time. There was one jump I was too scared to do and Si made an adjustment allowing me to continue with the journey in a way I felt comfortable. If you're thinking about booking this but are scared to take the plunge, my advice is go for it!!
Megan Copley
Megan Copley
We had brilliant fun doing the ghyll scrambling with Si this morning at Stickle Ghyll. We were really well kitted out so soon forgot about the damp, chilly morning and had a fantastic time with lots of laughs and challenges along the way. The kids are already planning for when they can do their next ghyll scrambling adventure!
Kate Towers
Kate Towers
Really great experience with excellent leadership. Kids left wanting to come back again as soon as possible!
Sophie Hopkins
Sophie Hopkins
My husband had an awesome afternoon Ghyll Scrambling in Coniston. Our son bought him a voucher for his birthday and I've never seen him grin so much when he came home wet and exhausted. I would highly recommend
Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith
We had a wonderful morning Ghyll scrambling in Coniston led by Si. It was a great adventure with lots of laughs and Si was a great leader. Would definitely recommend and we'll definitely be back. Thank you!
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Roast Designs

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