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The Lakeland Legend Challenge – can you complete it?!

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Have you got what it takes to be awarded the title of ‘Lakeland Legend’ Will you be one of the 70% who succeed or one of the 30% who don’t quite make it?! Come and find out!

20170807 P8070032 304x228 Lakeland Legend Challenge

The zip line. Can you see the person in orange?! (click for a closer look!)

The Lakeland Legend challenge is a full day of adventure and extreme challenges, all based in and around a breathtaking and incredibly atmospheric old slate mine in heart of the Lake District.

20180506 P5060320 304x192 Lakeland Legend Challenge

Free-hanging abseil anyone?

This challenge takes you up a Grade 2 rock scramble where your climbing skills will be put to the test, before heading to this awe-inspiring venue that’s only accessible only to those with the nerve and bravery to stand up to everything that it can throw at you. How are you with heights?! Are you one of the chosen few who can complete all the challenges we set you?

What’s involved then?

  • 200 vertical meters of Grade 2 rock scrambling from valley level to summit height
  • 50m vertical abseil, which feels incredibly committing!
  • 50m tyrolean traverse/zip line, 60m above the floor – will you trust the rope and kick back off the edge?

This day is no push-over, so be warned – we don’t give you the title of Lakeland Legend for nothing, you know!

Got questions? Read on…

The Lakeland Legend Challenge is based close to Coniston. You will be sent full details on where to meet when you book.

Anyone aged of 16 and above.

Any group members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian. Sorry but uncles, aunties, grandparents, family friends etc are not classed as legal guardians.

It depends whether your 'fear' is just based on nerves that you can potentially overcome (and feel great for doing so!), or whether it is a deep-seated phobia, in which case this is probably not the best challenge for you.

The challenge involves 200m vertical ascent of tricky scrambling, so a relatively good level of fitness and being a naturally active person will definitely play to your advantage.

You don't need any prior experience.

There are no weight limits.

Our safety kit will not fit someone with a waist that is larger than 150cm.

Yes. All elements of the challenge can be skipped if you don't like the look of them.

A kit list follows.

  • Trainers or walking boots
  • Waterproof jacket AND
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Warm layers (e.g., a fleece)
  • Warm hat and gloves if the forecast is cold
  • Sun cream if the forecast is for sun
  • Lunch and a drink
  • Gloves to abseil in
  • Leather gloves or well fitted gardening gloves work well
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Small rucksack

We take loads of photos and we share them with you for free.

You can bring your Go Pro if you like, but we have to warn you that people losing cameras and Go Pros is extremely common - even when they are properly attached with the approved mounts. This probably happens at least once a week so we'd advise letting our instructors concentrate on the photography while you concentrate on having a great time!

The session starts at 10am and finishes at about 3-4pm. The exact finish time depends on how quick your group moves around the course.

For availability, click the blue 'Book Now / Check Availability' button above.

Click the blue 'Book Now / Check Availability' button above.

See our generic FAQs here for info on our booking conditions.

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