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The Lakeland Legend Challenge – can you complete it?!

20170807 P8070032 304x228 Lakeland Legend Challenge

The zip line. Can you see the person in orange?! (click for a closer look!)

Have you got what it takes to be awarded the title of ‘Lakeland Legend’ or a ‘Lakeland Hero’? Will you be one of the 70% who succeed or one of the 30% who don’t quite make it?! Come and find out!

The Lakeland Legend and Lakeland Hero challenge is a full day of adventure and extreme challenges, all based in a cavernous, breathtaking and incredibly atmospheric old slate mine in heart of the Lake District.

Both of these challenges take you on a journey around this awe-inspiring hole in the ground, a venue that’s only accessible only to those with the nerve and bravery to stand up to everything that it can throw at you. Are you one of the chosen few?

We run two different levels of challenge: the ‘Legend Challenge’ and the slightly easier but dry version:  the ‘Hero Challenge’. More info on both is below.




20170825 P8250257 181x304 Lakeland Legend Challenge

Jumps into the 160ft deep pool

The Lakeland Legend Challenge >>> Take on the whole challenge! The Lakeland Legend Challenge enters the ‘challenge arena’ via a dark committing tunnel. The mine opens up before you and a series of swims and jumps into a 160ft deep pool stand in your way. Complete these successfully and it’s back into the darkness for a challenge that will have even the bravest questioning themselves. Still one of the 70%? not quit yet? You’re doing well, but a 50m vertical abseil is waiting for you just around the corner. We dare you to lean back over the edge.

More big jumps into the pool and more swimming and you’re out of the mine with only one more obstacle to overcome. Your mind is saying, “I’ve done it!”, until you realise that to call yourself a ‘Lakeland Legend’ you’re going to have to commit to an 80 metre Zip Line and Roped Traverse above a vertigo-inducing 70 meter drop into the chasm below.

If you got this far then you definitely deserve your new title of Lakeland Legend. You’ll have earned the bragging rights over those in your party who didn’t quite make it! Use them well!

The Lakeland Hero Challenge >>> takes on the same journey, misses out the wet bits and adds some rock scrambling! If water-based challenges and dark water-filled caves aren’t your thing, then come and seeing you’ve got what it takes to be a Lakeland Hero by completing the same journey but without having to wear a wetsuit! The Hero Challenge is no push-over though, oh no… you may have got away with the water and caves, but instead we’ve added in a tricky rock scramble up the nearby Raven Crag to test your head for heights! We don’t just give away these titles!


tyrolean 304x228 Lakeland Legend Challenge

On the tyrolean traverse


This is a full day of adventure and is for adults only. We provide full safety kit and professional instruction, plus wetsuits for the wet bit.

Prices: are shown in the table below. 

Discounts are available for large groups – just get in touch for a price.

Your group size
(minimum 4 people)
Price per person
- full day
Adults only£100
Groups of 20 or more15% off the above prices


Click here to make a booking or to find out more. You can also contact us by telephone on 07702 942980.


20170807 P8070003 228x304 Lakeland Legend Challenge

At the end of this tunnel is a challenge to push even the bravest!

Ages and abilities: This is a full-on day of big adventure – it is only suitable for adults. A good level of fitness will help you get the most of the day.

Location: Precise details of where to meet will be shared with you when you book. The closest village is Coniston. The venue is about 30 mins drive from Windermere.

Times: This is a full day trip, lasting from around 10am through until around 4pm. Exact finish timings will depend on the size of your group and how quickly you move through the quarry.

Kit:  We will kit you out with all safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets, plus a wetsuit, windproof cag and buoyancy aids for the wet bit. All our kit is in excellent condition and is replaced regularly. All you need to bring is:

  • Full change of clothes and shoes, as on the Legend Challenge you will get wet
  • Trainers or boots (Neoprene ‘water shoes’ are not appropriate, neither are Converse style slip-on trainers or Crocs)
  • Shorts to wear over your wetsuit – as they help protect our wetsuits and keep our costs low
  • Synthetic layer to go under your wetsuit (e.g. football shirt material, not cotton)
  • Spare warm jacket
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Towel
  • Lunch a drink



20170807 P8070018 304x192 Lakeland Legend Challenge

Do you dare to take it on?

Group sizes and ratios: There is no upper limit to group size, but we need at least 4 people to make run the event. We put your safety first and as this is such a serious trip we always have at least two instructors with us.

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